The Brown & Noffsinger Racing Team
at the 2013 Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals.
About Wade Brown:
Wade Brown is the co-owner of Brown & Miller Racing Solutions. He started a Ford Focus Midget team in 2007 as a fun reward for his employees and a way to gain experience in business from the racers point of view. In 2009 the team began to work with Brad Noffsinger and they eventually merged to create the many aspects of Brown & Noffsinger Racing and the Brad Noffsinger Racing Academy. Wade and his partner, Barry Miller started Brown & Miller Racing Solutions in 1999 with offices in North Carolina and England. BMRS has grown for over 15 years and currently employs approximately 30 people in NC, between the hose and fitting business, and the Wiring Harness (Brown & Miller Racing Solutions Wired) and Parts business he added in 2000. Worldwide the partnership also employs people in the UK and have an outlet in Indianapolis and California. Wade has always been a huge race fan and has been heard many times to say “I never knew you could actually have a career in racing!” Wade is an Electrical Engineer by trade and education. He began working in the racing supply business in 1996 for ICORE international, a manufacturer of hose and wire harnesses for the aircraft and military industries.

Currently, Wade is working and running Brown & Miller while living with his family in Concord, North Carolina.

About Brad Noffsinger:
Brad is a professional race car driver with over 35 years of experience. He knows firsthand the racing industry all across the country and has broken many track records.
In Brad's first year of racing he won 2 rookie of the year awards. These being only the beginning of his racing and winning career. In 2002, after working part time on and off for 9 years for the Richard Petty Driving Experience, Brad finally decided to go full time. With all his years as a professional driver, he sets up training programs for new hires as well as refresher courses for the current drivers employed already. In 2004, Brad got involved with the USAC Ford Focus Carolina series. He has helped many of the new up and coming drivers in the series, offered his knowledge to many team members and consulted with USAC on the new series. He has been an elected board member with USAC since 2000/2001. In 2005, Brad started a one-on-one training program to teach young kids to drive midgets. Currently, Brad is the lead instructor at the Richard Petty Driving Experience and head of driver development working and living in Concord, North Carolina.